What we offer


Our services include the full range of architectural design Lp1 bis Lp9, from consulting to design to detail planning as well as execution and supervision until the completion of a project.

This include the following stages:

  • Consultancy
    input on production, its feasibility, tender, planning and building regulations applicable for individuals, builders or developers
  • Feasibility studies
    examining polices and processes that are required to realize a project
  • Needs Assessment
    establishing programmatic and functional guidelines
  • Research
    morphological and ideogrammatic groundwork, lead by final program development
  • Architectural Design
    planning and development of projects, including design proposals and working plans for construction
  • Interior Space Planning
    development and on target configuration of space use
  • Renovation/Adaptive Reuse
    establishing frameworks for achieving design quality and reprogramming existing spaces
  • Long Range Development Planning
    measure and communicate the value of design and advise on best outcome
  • Sustainable Architecture
    pursuing minimal negative environmental impact through design, material and technological solutions
  • Site Management
    architectural supervision according to design specifications